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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Can a Christian believe in Evolution????

According to the theory of Intelligent Design, God designed the Universe (along with its laws - the law of species evolution included) and then the universe evolved. This theory makes sense. Universe indeed seems well designed (a slight change to the 200-th decimal point of the gravitational constant or the electron charge would lead to a universe that cannot support life). Moreover, the evolution theory indeed explains some things in the micro-level of species evolution. However, having explained how fish evolved does not mean that you have explained the creation of the Universe! This is a huge logical leap done by people who believe in Darwin, that is not substantially justified.

I do believe that around 6000 years ago God created the Adam and Eve type human by whatever means as we know it. Maybe some genetic change perhaps.
Before that there must have been all kinds of evolved species and life which the archaeological evidence supports.

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