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Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Great Madam Whore..The Babylonian Church

Guess what religion has wandered the farthest from the Truth???

who worships idols and statues??don't forget to cover statue heads
who drinks the blood of Christ???mass
who demands absolute obedience to a man pope not God??
who has killed millions in persecutions??Burned at the stake
who demands they be called holy father
who worships Mary as a god???
who has a man forgive sins by absolution not god??Now available on I phone app
who has scarlet robes???Cardinals
who believes in mystery??? chanting,smoke,bells,bleeding Mary,Mary on toast???
who is centered in Rome?? 7 hills
who has global followers??
who has lots of followers?? over one Billion
Who has Priests worldwide accused of Child Molestation???(Fruits of the Spirit)

See more here!!

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